A Hyper-Deflationary Token with Automatic BNB Rewards, BuyBack and a Smart Tax System

Presale Date: 20th December, 6pm

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This is how the tax system works.


BNB Rewards

Distributed to Eligible Holders Fairly

Eligibility = 5,000,000 EGN or More


Buy-Back & Burn

Helps Sustain Buy Pressure and

Eliminates Tokens out of Circulation. Besides cryptocurrencies, the NFT market is also developing. Trading NFTs is a smart move to make profits. Traders must use reliable NFT wallets to ensure the safe storage of their NFT assets.



For Exposure to Reach

it's Maximum Potential



Automatically Sent

to a Locked Pool on PS



To Expand the Team and

Pay for Development Materials



Gain Time

Gain Time is a feature where we offer an optimum time to invest for both big and small investors. Buy tax is reduced to pump and the sell tax is increased to sustain the price. These will typically be followed by heavy marketing.

BNB Rewards

With every transaction we apply a 3% tax, which is taxed for the purpose of our BNB rewards system. Unlike other coins the holders will get their rewards automatically, with no need for claiming or waiting.

BuyBack and Burn

BuyBack and Burn is a feature made to drive the price up. Part of all transactions are sent to the buyback wallet which can be used to buy tokens manually which will increase the price. These tokens may also be burned to provide the same affect but in a different way.

Anti-Price Manipulation

Our anti-price manipulation system ensure security for all holders by stopping excessively large buys and sells that aim to manipulate the price in favour of whales and bots like the bitcoin pro trading platform, in which users can conduct automated crypto trading. Every transaction can only be made fairly for all parties involved.

How does 'Gain Time' Work?

Gain Time is a 3-step function that aims to pump the graph and sustain the pumped price. Each step lasts for the duration of 1 hour, following on from each other to last a total of 3 hours. As the steps progress, the taxes change to create a reliable pump in the graph and protect holders from price manipulation. Gain Time will only be announced once it has begun to help prevent price manipulation along with the sell tax. This will help in creating that FOMO affect as people will be driven to invest during Gain Time whilst the tax is minimal.

Hour 1:
Buy Tax: 1% - Sell Tax: 30%

Hour 2:
Buy Tax: 0% - Sell Tax: 24%

Hour 3:
Buy Tax: 0% - Sell Tax: 18%

How do BNB Rewards Work?

We add a tax to every transaction in order to be able to delegate money into different parts of the project and drive different areas which we think are important. BNB rewards are essential in ensuring attraction for new investors and holder satisfaction. 3% of all transactions are set aside for BNB rewards which are automatically distributed to all holders of the token as a reward for continued support. BNB rewards are reflective of the amount of EverGain you hold; the more you hold, the more you get rewarded.

How does BuyBack and Burn work?

With the price constantly changing with each buy and sell, it’s important that measures are put in place that help support the graph in rough periods. BuyBack and Burn are both features designed for this purpose. A BuyBack wallet creates a pool of BNB to be used solely for slowly driving the graph upwards. Although the wallet is buyback, it can also be used to burn tokens which will create the same affect as buyback. These two features will also help in generating buy pressure for new investors. Seeing the price increase dramatically combined with the sell tax of ‘Gain Time’ will ensure an EverGaining chart.

How does the Anti-Price Manipulation Work?

The ability to manipulate a token is one of the leading issues in cryptocurrency. Whales with the ability to change the token price dramatically and developers able to remove the liquidity in large amounts after the LP is unlocked is unacceptable. We’ve got measures in place to stop all of it. We have an anti-whale feature stopping people holding excessively large amounts of tokens (specifically no more than 3%), anti-dump feature stopping people from pushing the price down dramatically in one instance, anti-rugpull feature stopping liquidity from being removed at large percentages at a time (which will also be locked for a period of time), anti-spam feature adding a cooldown between every transaction from a single wallet and a variable sell tax allowing us to increase sell tax on token launch and during ‘Gain Time’ ensuring presale wallets don’t dump and price remains supported at all times.



Our steps to success.



Click below to view our whitepaper and audit.


Have a look at our whitepaper to get an insight into our token.



Have a look at our audit to prove legitimacy and safety of our token.

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Common questions asked by the community.

BNB is distributed to holders frequently meaning all you have to do is hold the token and see your wallet fill up with BNB.

BNB is a coin on the BSC network like our token meaning people can easily buy back into our currency with their rewards.

$EGN is launching on the Binance Smart Chain network the following day after presale has been filled.

$EGN will initially be available to buy on PancakeSwap with Smart Chain BNB.

Yes, the contract is very safe and rug-proof. We are working on getting an audit out for the community to see. The contract itself is also public and verified on BSCscan and can be looked at by anyone.

Its very simple, the more you hold, the more you gain!
The longer you hold, the longer you keep receiving BNB rewards!

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